TGA 150

Accessories Kit

Accessories kit compatible with MOF001, JOF001 and TRA001 Precision Plunge Routers. Includes ventilated dust extraction chute to optimise dust extraction. Template guide kit of 7 popular-sized, machined and plated brass guide bushes plus mounting plate. Enables routing using custom templates for intricate shapes and lettering.

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 Product Features:
  • Table winder for above the table adjustment of the cutter depth
  • Enables routing of letters and custom templates
  • Dust chute for efficient chip extraction beneath the cut

  • Compatible with 01 : MOF001
  • Compatible with 02 : TRA001
  • Compatible with 03 : JOF001
  • Product Height : 115mm
  • Product Length : 180mm
  • Product Width : 180mm
  • Product Weight : 0.90kg